Slow Cooker Bacon Chicken Ranch Pasta

One of my husband’s favorite things in the world is a bacon ranch chicken sub from Subway. So, he was thrilled when I came across a recipe for the same thing except in pasta form….and it was even better when he found out you made it in a slow cooker!
This Slow Cooker Bacon Chicken Ranch Pasta is a breeze to make for dinner and it has an added bonus of being delicious when you warm it up the next day too!
Anyway, I followed the pin to this website: Healthified Kitchen and we set out to the store to get the ingredients.
Only, we forgot cream of chicken soup. Oops. So we had to improvise a little.


Here are the ingredients we used: (it varies from the one on Healthified Kitchen so if you would like this dish to have less calories, use that recipe)
  • Real Bacon bits-we just kind of threw some in. The original recipe called for 2 strips of turkey bacon but we like bacon so we definitely added a lot more!
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 package ranch dressing mix (the smaller size)
  • 10.75 oz of chicken broth (this is where we needed the cream of chicken soup!)
  • 4-5 tablespoons of flour (to thicken the broth)
  • 1 cup of 50% less fat sour cram
  • 16 oz of chicken breast-uncooked
  • 8 oz rigatoni pasta
*update: it is definitely creamier if you use the soup rather than the broth but it tastes great either way! The second time we made it, we added more bacon and we definitely liked it more with more bacon**
Basically, combine everything EXCEPT the pasta in the slower cooker and cook on high for at least 3.5 hours (we did closer to 4). Take the chicken out, let cool and shred the chicken. Cook the pasta on the stove and then serve mixed together.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner! This will definitely be made in our slow cooker many more times! The amounts above made 4 servings so we saved it and we ate it on its own, with no sides and it filled us both up!

Paige Nicole

Paige Nicole

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Paige is a woman in her twenties born and raised in Tennessee. She works full time as a cardiac nurse in a busy hospital in the city. She’s married to a veteran named Cody and a dog mom to a german taco (aka a Chiweenie) named Exo. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, shop, craft and chat with friends.

Paige Nicole


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    Ok, so I ended up being able to find your blog after all! And I just want to say, my hubs and I LOVE Sons of Anarchy. I feel like we might be great blog-friends :) And I love editing recipes..sometimes I’m just a bit too lazy to recreate the recipe with all the extra steps

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      Yes, someone told me that when I type out my blog URL it doesn’t work for some reason!

      We live in the country so getting out to the store (even though in reality it’s only 10-11 miles away) is not something that just happens at the drop of the hat. When we got home and realized that we forgot the chicken soup (we bought chicken broth for another reason) there was no way we were going back to the store! Lol

      We both feel like we’ve been waiting far too long for sons of anarchy! The new season just needs to start already! Ahh! :)

    • says

      How did I miss your comment?! I swear I need to have comments moderated just so I can make sure to see each one!

      Crockpot=best.invention.ever. haha

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