Rain Rain Go Away: Styling Rain Boots

Disclaimer: I did receive compensation in the form of products for this post. However, all opinions are my own.

It hardly seems fair.

We spent a few months in one of the worst winters in years, only to then have to contend with weeks of rainyness. It goes without saying that my rain boots have been making a few appearances lately.

I feel like whenever I have to wear rain boots, I also want to be bundled up in a sweater so that’s what I’ve been doing!


Sweater: Aeropostale Bethany Mota (similar) | Leggings: Fleece lined leggings from Ross | Rainboots: C/o Joules

I recently got these Rainboots from Joules because my rain boots from my high school days were not fashionable to say the least. They were black with multi colored polka dots. Cute, but not really functional for wearing an outfit. I basically wore them when I needed to do yardwork and it was muddy outside, but definitely not out anywhere when it was raining!

These are definitely different! I love that they are super cute and can go with both black and brown clothing and I especially love the little bow on the back!


See? adorbs!


I paired it with a sweater from Aeropostale that I got from the Bethany Mota line. It’s chunky knit makes it perfect for spring and fall rainy days because it’s not super warm, but it’s warmer and cozy for a slightly colder day.

I also just wore fleece lined leggings since the sweater was long enough to cover my butt. (Leggings are NOT pants, people!)

I was super cozy all day long and my boots fit the day perfectly! I’m so glad I finally have some great shoes to wear for rainy days since it seems we are having a lot of them!

I even decided to get silly and came up with these fabulous poses:


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Clearly I’m a fashion blogger, ya’ll.

If you want to see more fashion goodness from me, be sure to check out my Easter Outfit Ideas over at Hairspray and High Heels!

How do you style rain boots? Do you have some cute ones you love to wear?

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