Living & Loving Life + Free Printable

I never really pay attention to my New Year’s resolutions.

“Wait, is she talking about the new year in July?” Yes. Yes I am.

Anyway, I blogged about them. And then kind of ignored them. A month or so ago, I made a decision though and it’s kind of like a new year’s resolution. I’ve kept it to myself until now, because I really didn’t want to validate it…and then fail. Because I do that so often. It’s like once I’ve said I’ll do it, it’s done and I don’t actually have to follow through.

I know, that’s probably weird.

But anyway, I decided to start living life.


I’ve always been a pretty cautious person. I’m just fine reading books of adventures and longing to have my own. Whenever I had an opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve shied away and then regretted it afterwards. And, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been waiting for my life to start. I know that makes no sense. I’m one of those people that was always saying “Well when I’m out of high school…” and then “When I’m out of college…” etc etc.

And it’s easy to get in a rut and stay like that. I finally decided that I’ve had enough. I’m tired of waiting for my life to just hand me opportunities. I’m tired of thinking to myself “I wish I had done x when I was on that trip.”

So I started doing the things I’ve always been scared of and so far, it’s been pretty awesome. What have I done so far?

  • I’ve gotten in lake and ocean water. This is a big deal for me. I’ve always been scared when I can’t see what’s in the water. BUT I DID IT!
  • I went snorkeling. In the Virgin Islands we just did it right off the beach (and eventually threw the actual snorkel back on the beach) but it was so cool! We had huge angelfish swimming around us and it was awesome!
  • I went Kayaking. I talked about it in this post but I’m still reeling! At one point, our guide was telling us about hammerheads and other creatures in the water and a part of me was like “Holy shit, get back to land, STAT!” but the part of me that wants more experiences pushed on and I got to see so many cool things that night.
  • I went tubing. This past weekend, we went to Kentucky Lake/TN River with some family and I actually swam in the lake water, without knowing how deep it was and got on the tube and I had a blast! I’m so glad I went!
  • I’ve tried weird food. One of which were Mussels when we were in the Virgin Islands. That thing was disgusting but I ate it! Not a huge deal but come on, I slurped an animal out of a shell.

And we have so many more plans coming up! Including going to Orlando in October and I fully plan on riding a roller coaster. I never have because I’ve always been so scared but I am getting on a damn roller coaster!

I hope I can keep this attitude of wanting to push my boundaries because so far I’ve been loving it!

Now for that free printable I promised you guys. I found this quote on Pinterest and fell in love so I decided to make it into an 8×10 printable.



As always, to download, simply click the link below the image. You’ll be taken to a page of the printout. You can either print it from there or just click the little “save” icon that pops up in the bottom right hand corner.

These printables are to be used for your own personal use. Please do not share them and claim them as your own. If you’d like to share with friends, please link them to this post. Pinning it is fine as long as it is pinned from this page.

At this time, there is no black and white version of this printable, however you can print it in “greyscale” to print in black and white.

For more free printables, you can check out this list here.

What printables would you like to see next? 

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