The Edge of Hope

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book for my consideration. All opinions for this book are my own.

In case you guys haven’t been around long enough, I like books. I will read most anything, but I really like historical fiction or fantasy. Which means, yes, I like stuff with vampires…but not Twilight. Twilight vampires don’t count as real vampires. I mean, really? They sparkle? Puhh-lease.

But anyway, when I heard about a new trilogy called the Bad Blood Trilogy was coming out with it’s debut novel, I was pretty excited! And of course when I found out I could review the book on my blog, I was even more excited!

Now, you guys know that usually, I like to film my book reviews, but I just got off of my 3rd 12.5 hr shift in a row and I look like hell warmed over, so I’m going to skip that for today! I promise not to bore you too much!

Bad Blood

Here’s the premise:

The main character, Alexa, is a girl that has broken up with a serious boyfriend and jetted off to who knows where to live in a hotel and write a book. I mean, because that’s what you do when you end a relationship, right? (I mean, I really do think it’s a valid choice.)

So her new book has been gaining some publicity and a vampire magazine wants to interview her (do those really exist? I feel like that’s a thing.) Side note: the character Alexa says multiple times that she is not her book character, which kind of made me feel like Alina Popescu was saying she was not her book character, even though they were both book authors.


I’m sure you can tell where I’m going. The person interviewing her decides he likes her alot, and they date and then he takes her back to his house, where she gets all caught up in the world of vampires.

Which have a pretty interesting background. In this story, they are very controlling as to what the general public knows and their whole world and hierarchy in this novel is interesting to me.

Now obviously, since it’s a trilogy, the book doesn’t come to a tidy conclusion and leads us right into book 2. So we’ll see how that plays out.

I really liked the backstory of the vampires in this book. I will say that it confused me a bit, but I’ll be honest and say that I was reading in the car after working so that could have been why.

The relationships seemed a bit rushed to me, but it was still a good read. Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for a good, fun story and this book definitely delivers. It will certainly be interesting to see how book 2 pans out. I’m also curious to see who is actually on the main character’s side because there seems to be quite a bit of betrayal happening. But we’ll see!

If that all tickled your fancy, be sure to check out the website OR follow the author on some fun social media:

AND This book is available now! Here’s some super handy dandy links to get your hands on your copy!


And, I may not have recorded myself today, but there is a fun video for the book for you to check out!

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